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exhibitions 2

Netzwerk2: Bo Christian Larsson
14. Februar bis 5. März


Sid M . Duenas
„Spinning Ring (ball and unravelled string)and ring sequence
 (sheets of paper and broken plates of glass)“,Installation 2006

Christin Vahl
„Tension“, Soundinstallation, 2006

Naotaka Hiro „Flood Patrol“, Video, 2006                  Hannes Schmidt „A&P“, Object, 2006
Strenschnuppe Regina
 Anina Brisolla
„Sternschnuppe Regina,“ Video 00:03:49 min

Bo Christian Larsson „Out of the Boot came the order to shoot“, Installation 20006    


somewhere is always summer    
14.Januar bis 10. Februar 2006

ALM1 alm3
                                  Inga Charlotte Taubert, Polarstern,Objekt, 2006
ansicht innen 
maus aussen bahamas
P.D. Smith, Bahamas, Fotos, 2006                                           Motoko Dobashi,The Path, Wallpainting, 2006
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Einsame Gitarren aus Stahl, schleichender Schritt,ganz in
Flammen aufgehen, Spuren geschiedener Insekten auf der
Windschutzscheibe, vermoderte Vergangenheiten, langes
Haar und dicke Haut, hautnahe Begegnung, Erinnerungsplaque, U-turns, ewige Einsamkeit am Ende der Zeit, wolkenkratzende Fassaden, zuckendes Drängen und Treiben, knochenbrecherische Hingabe, Scharlatane, Gift, Oberflächen, gigantisch und petite,
Chaos, Aufruhr....

Desolate steel guitars, slow pace, holy being on fire, stains from departed insects on the windshield, mouldy memories, long hair thick skin, close encounters, commemorative plaque, U-turns, never-ending solitude in the end of time, sky-scraping facades, speed hustling, bone-breaking dedication, charlatans, venom, surface of gears, gigantic and petite, mayhem, turmoil and so on…
Are we all involuntarily not panicking?
As I had to come up with a concept for an exhibition,
I realised that thepanic and stress that I built up over 
such a pocket-sized task was actually far greater than
that of the facts of terror, hurricanes, volcanoes, oil
drainage of mother earth, the bird flu, Aids, cancer, the
poles melting because of global warming or not having
anything to eat or drink. I guess that is because I am
saved from such hideous happenings as being part of my
personal every day life (except from TV and newspapers).
On the other hand that is not true. I could theoretically die
on my trip to London next week in a terrorist suicide bombing
(I didn’t die), and I actually survived three hurricanes
last year in Florida, and I am sure that I have been relatively
close to getting Aids or that I will even die from cancer, a
eart attack, the bird flu or suicide from having a broken heart.
Considering all that jeopardy and life constantly being really
close to an end, we are pretty cool and relaxed. I guess we are somehow genetically programmed not to panic over the fact that life ends in death. It seems kind of odd to me that coming up with a concept for an exhibition or passing a drivers-license-test makes some of us literarily die from stress or at least take valium before we fire the engine. Meanwhile something like not being able to have a planet to live on as a consequence of our narcissistic life style doesn’t make us stop taking driver licenses to left and right.
Hmmm! Are we all involuntarily not panicking on our speedy trip through life on a shoestring?

Bo Christian Larsson in collaboration with ALM Gallery, Munich, Germany
invites you to this tailor made show about the above mentioned motions
and emotions.
Bo Christian Larsson, 2006

Carl Magnus Thoren
„The Pissers“, „The Pissers II“, Wolf Beat“, Paintings 2006

      Johannes Buss,Matchbox , Objekt        
Hannes Schmidt, „o.T.",  Drawing, 2006


Gudrun Bittner, Valencia/Spanien: Video
Motoko Dobashi, München: Wallpainting
Eugene-Henri-Paul Gauguin, Mataeia/Tahiti, Paris/Frankreich: Painting
Stefane Gruber, München: Foto
Annika Hobiger, Mainz: Videoinstallation
Patrick Deyanza Smith, Nassau, Bahamas: Foto, Zeichnung
Carsten Recksik & Philip Metz, Sao Paulo/München: Video,Foto
Luis Liga Talvéz, Sao Paulo, Brasil: Video
Inga Charlotte Taubert, München/ Bahamas: Environment

Special, Gudrun Bittner, Pau Pascual Galbis;Valencia,Spain

Perfomance Opening Act: concert Murena & Joe Masi (Experimental Berlin / München)

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