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ALM is a temporary, non-commercial exhibition-art project. Pony and Saddle for the Arts.

It opened its doors on the 14. January 2006 at the famous Viktualienmarkt Munich,
starting in a former shop for brushes and gifts, named the Geschenkealm.
ntil its demolition in May 06, this place was open for fine arts)
The Alm, initiated and lead by Inga Charlotte Taubert, still functions as an international and interdisciplinary platform. A forum for young contemporary and experimental artists. The focal points of ALM are the exhibitions of innovative and representative figures in Munich plus the formation of networking between artists and cultural producers worldwide.Due to its mainly central, interesting location the exhibition space assures exposure to an international and eclectic audience.The concept encompasses in its interdisciplinarity an extensive, active programme with incorporation of musical and performing arts.
Inga Charlotte Taubert, artist herself, initiated and formed the ALM.
Ambitious guest curators such as Bo Christan Larsson (Munich), Anna McCarthy (Glasgow), Murena,
alias Daniel Friedel (Munich), Ralf Dereich (Berlin), produced exhibition projects from their networks.

Accompanying programme
:Videoarchive and Showbox of screened and collected video art, curated and hand-picked by chosen artists
:Film screenings, curated by featured artists


the former gift shop/ outside/ inside view